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Finding our heart path – Full Moon in Sagittarius tarot reading

June 11, 2017

“Be the flame and not the moth.”

Giovanni Giacomo Casanova

via The Creative Tarot – Jessa Crispin

full moon

The Full Moon in Sagittarius invites us think about how about our heart path. This tarot reading for the full moon reflects on ways to find our true story.

Here are some thoughts on this Full Moon in Sagittarius from Mystic Mamma to set the scene for the energies available to us:

*FULL MOON* rising in Sagittarius asks us to focus on our heart’s pathway.

With so much swirling, we can easily feel despondent about our future but by narrowing our focus deeper into heart inquiry, we can access revealing truths to consider. Focusing our attention within can bring much expansion about.

As we work creatively in the world, we need to listen within to find our purpose, what to bring together, who to work with and what to leave behind. Focusing within, going deeper is highlighted at this time.

Here are a few key thoughts that resonated from Mystic Mamma’s curated messages on the Sagittarius Full Moon:

From Leah Whitehorse:

In our own lives, we are being asked to sift through the information we have to figure out the truth so that we can clearly define where we’re going. Right now it feels like there’s something we need to understand at a much deeper level than we do…

…Loss is hard and we must grieve but then we must write a new story, with better ending.

From Chad Woodward:

Saturn in Sagittarius suggests narrowing our focus and sacrificing anything superfluous to avoid getting lost in uncertainty, confusion, and vagueness of purpose.

From Pat Liles:

Neptune is also the apex of a Finger of God ~ look to intuition, the poetic, your dreams and what dances you to loosen the deep cultural deception that binds us to the old martyred ways…

This Sagittarius Full Moon provides the right conditions for expanding into our true heart path. It also helps us shed what is no longer relevant or holding us back from our potential, especially around old ways of thinking.

Full moon in Sagittarius tarot reading tools:

For my reading for the Sagittarius Full Moon I worked with:

This Sagittarius Full Moon tarot spread by Sam Roberts aka @escapingstars on IG:

And for my deck, I chose The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid. This was my first full reading with this deck apart from my initial deck interview. The Good Tarot is Colette’s newest deck, blending tarot and oracle, and it focuses on birthing our true selves, so perfect for this time. From The Good Tarot Guidebook:

It especially speaks to the joyful potential that is inherent in the journey through chaos and disorder to divine order, a journey that offers infinite opportunities to co-create your best life.

The deck focuses on finding light and positive affirmations and features the most beautiful illustrations by Jena DellaGrottaglia.

It was a quiet morning with my favourite lime, basil and mandarin candle and thoughts of how to bring together disparate aspects of my life and how to find a way through this new time.

Tarot reading:

So here’s the reading:

Sagittarius Full Moon tarot reading

First up – look at all that Fire! Three cards from the suit of Fire or Wands so there’s that focus on finding light, working with your passions and leaving some things behind you. Just before doing this spread, I was reading ‘An Abundant Life‘ by Dr Ezzie Spencer about the Full Moon and releasing what no longer serves. ‘Burn Baby Burn’ was the heading! Just look at that 10 of Fire with the all those papers of the past burning away.

There’s also a lovely touch of water, intuition and playing with creativity with both the King and Page of Water (Cups). And the grounding influence of the 9 of Earth (Pentacles) and Patience, representing moderation traditionally known as Temperance.

I’m drawn to these Fire cards as the dominant theme. ‘Passion’ is my word of the year for 2017 and the Queen of Fire (Wands) has been making regular visitations, including this Queen who I met in a guided visualisation in Susannah Conway’s In Our Element course, even before I saw the card.

With three Fire cards, one Major Arcana card, 3 court cards and the energy of 2 Nines and a Ten – it seems to be pointing to the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another and finding new ways to hone vision and creativity in the world.

Tarot reading – card by card:

So here’s some deeper thoughts, card by card, in relation to the questions. I mainly worked intuitively with some key supporting words from The Good Tarot Guidebook and The Creative Tarot by Jessa Crispin.

1 What is the area of my life I should be on high alert about? QUEEN of FIRE (WANDS)

  • creativity, opportunities, weaving magic, connecting ideas
  • bringing together passions so I can shine, collaboration with others
  • tapping into spirit to bring this together, tuning into signs, being receptive

Key words from The Good Tarot: co-creation, creative collaborations, soul connections

Key affirmations from The Good Tarot:

“I am capable of strong friendships that inspire me and encourage me to express myself in my own way….I co-create with others, dedicated to a vision of achieving the highest good of all.”

As the quote above from Casanova reminds us – “Be the flame and not the moth.” I love the thought that we can be the magnet, the light, the initiator, the one bringing the uniqueness of ourselves and others together in community.

2 What is the Full Moon illuminating that must be released? NINE of EARTH (Pentacles)

  • embrace a sense of abundance in new ways
  • shed outdated notions of myself as I take what I need into the future
  • leave the boring, tedious and soulless behind

Key words from The Good Tarot: the final stone, disciplined self-reliance

Key affirmations from The Good Tarot:

“There are many tools at my disposal, and I use my resources wisely…I am diligent and disciplined, focusing on completing the work I began long ago. I stick to my program, trusting that the plan is unfolding before me exactly as Spirit intended.”

3 How can I best focus on my thoughts in order to align them with my higher vision?


  • be in flow, tap into spirit, creativity, combining it with intellect
  • swim with fish, be like a fish, observing, moving with spirit and day to day life
  • embrace what comes and look for creative collaboration and combining of ideas

Key words from The Good Tarot: generous, fair, a good listener

Key affirmations from The Good Tarot:

“I listen to other voices and blend them with my own wisdom before settling on an opinion, making a decision or taking an action.”

This card suggests it’s about combination: intellect and emotion; my thoughts with others; a fairness and gentleness in approach and a blending to a wiser place.

4 Where do I have to regain balance?   PAGE of WATER (CUPS)

  • be childlike, open, let go of some of the rigidity from old contexts
  • move with the flow, with intuition,
  • play, visualise, embrace newness, be that fish swimming through

Key words from The Good Tarot: be open-hearted, childlike, innocent, curious, playful.

Key affirmations from The Good Tarot:

“Life is a delightful dance, and I am here to frolic and play. I am ready with a big smile, and I have on my dancing shoes.”

Yes, a bit more dancing, time out, playing with ideas, envisioning, vision boards and feeling the lightness of this time will help with balance and transition.

5 What is my Self telling me that I need right now? TEN of FIRE (WANDS)

  • passion to set fire to all those ideas and to burn away what no longer serves me
  • to move ahead with what I love as the compass
  • letting go will create space for the new passions to flourish and connect

Key words from The Good Tarot: burning away, releasing the excess, endings clear way for beginnings

Key affirmations from The Good Tarot:

“All that I release will take new form and serve the greater whole, but I no longer need to hold on to it simply because it once seemed to have value for me.”

I so love this card and it’s graceful sense of clearing away the old and making space for the new. It’s a time for decluttering, releasing and saying goodbye to what no longer serves from a place of strength.

6 What is my life is being completely supported? NINE of FIRE (WANDS)

  • the ability to create magic, bring passions together
  • managing uncertainty and creating through this
  • being supported in breakthrough and getting to what matters

Key words from The Good Tarot: balance, uncertainty, reevaluating circumstances

Key affirmations from The Good Tarot:

“My sense of uncertainty is my inner wisdom telling me to bring illumination to my situation, to allow insights to arise before I take my next steps.”

I’m being supported to negotiate the uncertainty of it all and to just flow with it. I’m able to work with the alchemy of this time, focusing in, despite many things not being clear or certain.

7 How can I best stay grounded throughout this manifestation? PATIENCE

  • be patient and moderate, the vision is unfolding
  • trust that even though I can’t see all the links, I’m moving through just fine
  • know that I’m being supported as I patiently work, knowing it’s aligning to my higher purpose

Key words from The Good Tarot: patience, moderation

Key affirmations from The Good Tarot:

“This card reminds me that patience will bring me into recognition of and alignment to my purpose. All my needs are met even though I may not see it yet in the outer, visible world.”

This has been a message I’ve been receiving for a while. It’s so easy to get impatient and just want all the answers now. But the process is important too. Just working through it all with a sense of trust has a power all of its own in moving through this time.

Finding our heart path

So are your thoughts also around finding your true heart path at this time?

The narrative in this reading is in line with the focus of the Sagittarius Full Moon – that we need to be patient and go within to find our heart path. It’s there within us written in our passions, what we love and the people we are drawn to. We need to make the connections, be the flame, do the work and in this, the vision unfolds. Because it’s based on our passions and what we love, it’s so exciting and engaging, even if it takes time and is at times unclear.

It’s about playing with what we love and just enjoying it for what it is: seeing the combinations and working in a visual and light way, stepping back for the bigger picture. It’s about finding the natural connections, where there is magnetism and attraction with people, and ideas. It’s time to shed or better manage what no longer serves us: the people who drain us, the work that does not feel meaningful and the practices that make us feel soulless. This will make space for the new.

Prompts for honing on on your path and connections that might lead to it:

Journal, brainstorm or create a visual map around these questions to unfold your heart path further at this time:

  • What are your passions?
  • What do you truly love to do?
  • Why do you love them so much?
  • What’s the thread that connects them?
  • How can they come together in exciting combinations to create new practices or thoughts?
  • What can you do to bring out these combinations and connections more – create a vision board, a mind map, a Pinterest board? Who can you connect with to do this?
  • What no longer serves you – what do you need to write on a piece of paper and burn away?
  • What changes can you make to shift from what no longer resonates to what makes you shine?
  • What are three things you can do today to move you closer to what you love and what you want to do in your life?
  • Where can you be the flame for others, the initiator, igniting more fully what is in your mind and heart?
  • What’s the thing that’s deep inside whispering away that you can just hear? How can you bring it more into the light?

Wisdom from ‘The Heart Aroused’:

And here is some final wisdom from David Whyte and his beautiful book about finding soul and heart path in our work:

The river down which we raft is made up of the same substance as the great sea of our destination. It is an ever-moving firsthand creative engagement with life and with others that completes itself simply by being itself. This kind of approach must be seen as the “great art” of working in order to live, of remembering what is most important in the order of priorities and what place we occupy in a much greater story than the one our job description defines.

heart path

May your passions be the light that guides you. May you be the flame and not the moth, making magical connections and partnerships as you find your heart path.

Full Moon image from and used with permission and thanks.

Thought pieces

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have been writing up my daily tarot and oracle readings as tarot narratives, discovering the deeper story in each reading and in each day. It’s become such a beautiful practice and connects with the thoughts arising from this reading also. Intuition is a muscle and flexing intuitive practice helps you make deeper connections of all kinds. I’m trying to work out where to take tarot narratives – a new and separate website linked to this one being the most likely.

Your thoughts? I welcome your thoughts on my tarot narrative work on a daily basis and for the Full Moon via comments, Facebook or Instagram (links below) – is it helpful? insightful? how would you like to see it unfold? I’d love to hear your thoughts, thank you. I know it’s important work but I’m keen for your input on how to work with it and what would serve you as readers.

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